Enabling & Sustaining Workplace Mental Health

Utilising Marion Wands’ extensive HR expertise and experience, ConNetica has developed an Integrated Workplace Mental Health Framework.

This framework provides a road map for workplace mental health.

This framework incorporates leadership, culture, performance metric, recruitment and induction, learning and development and communication to assess and improve workplace mental health.

Improving the bottom line & boosting morale

Poor mental health costs Australia an estimated $19B per year. Using ConNetica’s tool, managers and HR staff can identify areas for improvement and implement a range of integrated solutions to improve workplace mental health, morale and productivity 365 days a year.


Effective Leadership & Culture

Leaders who clearly define the mission & vision, & act in ways that reflect agreed values build strong, inclusive and productive cultures. Effective leaders articulate performance metric, monitor performance, hold themselves and others to account, acknowledge input and are committed to creating psychologically safe workplaces. 


Clarity from the beginning

From the outset, mentally thriving organisations make their commitment to positive mental health known. Cultural practices and expectations are discussed at interview and reinforced during induction and beyond. 


Working effectively

Staff know what is expected of their role & as a member of a team. They have appropriate delegations and actively seek continuous improvement.


Maximising Personal Effectiveness

Staff regularly receive feedback, on the job coaching & mentoring and opportunities for professional development. They feel confident to share concerns and are actively engaged in problem solving.


Trusted and Regular Communication

Staff are aware of organisational goals, initiatives & changes. Whenever possible, initiatives impacting them are discussed and opportunity for input is provided. Communication is 2 way, multi modal and regular.

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