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The need for robust and comprehensive service mapping

The National Mental Health Commission (2014) emphasised the need for local planning of care for people with a lived experience of mental illness in Australia. 

The WHO emphasised the need to identify local service numbers and locations and a solid understanding of what services are doing. 

Our mapping solution

ConNetica working in partnership with Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla, (ANU and formerly Sydney Uni) has  used DESDE, the only validated service mapping tool used in Australia to develop 10 comprehensive Integrated Service Atlases. We have mapped the availability of mental health services for 28% of Australia’s population and 40% of Australia’s land mass. Service maps can now be compared with overseas countries.

We have also mapped homelessness, chronic disease, alcohol and other drugs services across Australia.


Western Australia

ConNetica in partnership with WAPHA & Prof. Luis Salvador -Carulla mapped the state’s mental health services. 

The findings provide evidence to inform service planning and the allocation of resources according to local community needs.


Western New South Wales

ConNetica in partnership with WNSWPHN and Prof. Luis Salvador-Carulla mapped and classified chronic care services in Dubbo and Coonamble.

The findings provide evidence to inform service planning and resource allocation in these local communities.

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