Our Approach

  • We do things with, and not to, people.
  • We collaborate with and acknowledge stakeholders’ needs, context and obstacles to success.
  • We utilise and apply systems thinking.
  • We identify the root causes of problems.  
  • We advocate for place based solutions, tailored to the unique needs of communities and individuals.
  • We analyse best practice evidence to inform practical and context aligned solutions.
  • We have a reputation for building rapport and mutual respect and providing honest and insightful advice. 

Our Values

We are a values driven enterprise. Our aim is to always combine compassion and humanity with the creation of psychologically safe, inclusive and productive workplaces and communities. 

Our Values underpinning our work:

  • Respect – We approach all assignments with respect and a determination to leave our clients and community’s better for our input and collaboration
  • Integrity – We do what we say we are going to do and have the courage, when needed to raise uncomfortable issues that are impeding success.
  • Deep Listening – We listen to gain an understanding of our clients’ and or community’s context, needs and expectations
  • Collaboration – We develop solutions with and for our clients and communities
  • Evidence – We gather evidence to inform our practice and suggested solutions

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