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    10 December 2021 at 1:33 pm

    VIN decoder & Lookup

    Most automakers use a VIN code, the structure of which is determined by the international standard ISO 3779-1983. The VIN code is a reliable and unambiguous identification of the car, practically not amenable to falsification. True, scammers are constantly trying to do this, and they sometimes succeed, since the main calculation is made on ordinary human inattention.

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    You can check the VIN code of any vehicle that has been registered on the territory of Ukraine on our website.

    The international standard ISO 3779, which describes the format of the VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) of a vehicle, allows not only to easily classify and identify a car, but also serves as reliable protection against theft and theft.

    Even knowing the principle of creating the algorithm, the hijackers cannot fake the VIN for the desired control number.

    For the first time, the VIN code began to be used in 1977 by Canadian and American automakers. So far, all exporters to the USA and automakers of this country adhere to the ISO 3779 standard, but in Europe this principle of identification of cars is not always observed.

    According to the ISO 3779 standard, a VIN code is a set of SEVENTEEN characters. It is allowed to use all Arabic numerals and Latin letters (A B C D F E G H J K L N M R R S T V W U X Y Z), with the exception of the letters Q, O, I. These letters are forbidden to use because O and Q are similar to each other, and I and O can be confused with 0 and 1.

    Why do I need to know what a VIN code is? The fact is that the main purpose of the VIN code is the identification of the car. It is thanks to the unique structure of the code and the presence of a verification number that the risk of acquiring a stolen car can be reduced.

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