Creating Respectful and Inclusive Environments

 Marion Wands’ facilitation style creates “spaces” for all voices to be heard, acknowledged and understood. Respectful conversations and inclusivity are hallmarks or her facilitation.

Marion has facilitated small to large groups, from varying sectors and hierarchical groups across Australia. She can effectively facilitate face to face and virtual groups.

The Benefits of Outstanding Facilitation Skills

Marion’s facilitation style results in participants knowing their views are heard, understood and valued. Ongoing staff engagement, morale and productivity are maximised.


Improving Customer Service

Marion facilitated cross business department’s input on opportunities for improving customer service within and between organisation departments and to external customers.

Marion ensured participants were united in their understanding of  the vision and a willingness to view criticism as a way to improve. 

Strategic Board Meetings

Artiuclating Business Direction

Marion’s facilitation of Central Qld Medicare Local Board meetings ensured discussion of relevant issues, potential risks and performance metic within agreed time frames.  

Probing questions and opportunities to speak ensured all relevant issues were discussed.


Operationalisng Team Values

Marion facilitated a range of Mates in Construction industry briefings & staff meetings/conferences. Her engaging, insightful and respectful approach is well received. 

Using ConNetica’s picture cards, Marion created the opportunity for staff to explore values and aligned behaviours. This clarity enabled timely adaption of work practices to accommodate the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic.

What our clients are saying about us

Cindy Everett
StandBy Team Leader – Northern QLD

Kerry Major
Aboriginal Health Worker

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