Stronger, Smarter Yarns for Life – face to face program

This is a early suicide prevention program for First Nations Peoples and non indigenous peoples.

Marion Wands (M.Ed) · 24 August 2020

Stronger Smarter Yarns for life program is one day program that has been developed with and for First Nations Peoples and non indigenous people. The program was codeveloped by ConNetica and Professor Chris Sarra, NAIDOC Person of the Year . Programs are delivered by two facilitators, with one always being an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person. This program can be tailored to suit audience’s contexts and needs.

This training provides participants with:

  • An understanding of the unique factors contributing to thoughts of suicide for First Nations Peoples, including the impact of colonisation
  • A strengths based approach to social support and suicide prevention
  • The skills and knowledge to identify signs and debunk social myths
  • An awareness of the prevalence of mental illness and suicide in Australia generally and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Tailored First Nations Peoples mental health yarn planning tools and yarning strategies
  • A list of suitable referral, support options and resources at local and national levels.

All programs include a pre and post evaluation.

Participants receive a Participant booklet, banner pen, wallet card and statistics card.

For more details contact:

Marion Wands, ConNetica 
Mobile: 0414 726 826 

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Marion Wands (M.Ed)

Marion has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education (Human Resource Studies). She creates and delivers engaging and practical learning programs, webinars and presentations.

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