Myndgear – Intro to Mental Health

This is an introductory mental health program 

Marion Wands (M.Ed) · 24 August 2020

Myndgear is a 2 hour face-to-face introduction to mental health training program. This program provides participants with:

  • An awareness of the prevalence of mental health and suicide in Australia
  • An awareness and understanding of depression, anxiety and suicide
  • Strategies to reduce stigma relating to mental health and appropriate language about mental health and suicide
  • Strategies to improve one’s mental health and wellbeing

Participants receive a banner pen and statistics card.

For more details contact:

Marion Wands, ConNetica 
Mobile: 0414 726 826 

About Instructor

Marion Wands (M.Ed)

Marion has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education (Human Resource Studies). She creates and delivers engaging and practical learning programs, webinars and presentations.

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