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CPMC SG 2 -Understanding the challenges of achieving your goals

admin 29 September 2020

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their goals?

It is really important that you understand why you may have had challenges achieving your goals in the past and think about ways you plan for these challenges.

Look backwards to go forward

Have you ever thought about what has got in the way of you achieving your goals in the past?

Take five minutes right now to think about some goals that you didn’t achieve.

Were your goals…

  • Unrealistic in their magnitude and relevance given the situation you currently find yourself in?
  • Not achievable in the time frame you set yourself?
  • Not aligned with your values or sense of purpose?
  • Clashing with your work role or responsibilities?

Now we want you to ask yourself a few more questions.

  • Do you try to do too many things at once?
  • What’s your mindset like? Do you doubt your own ability? Is your mind is plagued with “Negative self-talk”?
  • In the past have you failed to engage the support of others and/or services to help you achieve your goals?

If yes to any of the above we can help! Head over to the next lesson to find out how to set a goal that you CAN achieve!