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CPMC SG 3 -How to set a goal you can achieve

admin 29 September 2020

We know it can be difficult to tick off your goals. We have some sure fire tips and tricks that will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals now and in the future.

  1. Set a goal that motivates you – “It Matters”.
  2. Make your goals SMART.
    • Specific – What will you do?
    • Measurable – What measure will you use to demonstrate progress (quality and numbers)?
    • Attainable – Can it be achieved in the current circumstances, if no is there something you can modify to at least continue progress?
    • Relevant – Is the goal appropriate, given your current circumstances?
    • Time bound – when do you expect to achieve your goal?
  3. Put resolutions in writing/tell someone/engender support from others or services.
  4. Visualise your success.
  5. Break your goal into small steps, to ensure a sense of progress towards your goal.
  6. Manage negative self-talk – tell yourself you have a well worked out plan, you will review it and change if necessary.
  7. Identify and mitigate risks to ensure that you have addressed potential issues that may get in the way of your progress.
  8. Be adaptive and continue to modify your plan.
  9. Be kind to yourself, if you feel you are not meeting your expectations, determine why and what you need to do to feel successful.
  10. Celebrate and communication your successes, remembering to acknowledge those that have supported you so that you build up a “coalition of mutual support” for future ventures.