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CPMG LT 1 Introduction to Leading and Communicating Through a Crisis

admin 10 November 2020


The purpose of this tip sheet is to provide leaders with
tips and strategies to:

  • Articulate expected behaviours and actions
  • Improve communication and establish feedback loops
  • Alleviate staff fears and minimise rumours/misinformation
  • Support staff to adapt to changing circumstances and meet work demands.

Leadership Actions

During these unprecedented times leaders play a key role in allaying staff fears and concerns. A leader’s ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, provide clear direction and guidance, remain calm, confident and compassionate are essential attributes. Given there is likely to be significant uncertainty and unprecedented and often rapid change it is not unusual for people to experience rising levels of anxiety. To allay
fears and maximise productivity, leaders must:

  1. acknowledge and validate their team members’ emotion. It is essential that you do not dismiss or demean how people are feeling
  2. clarify what is known – share the facts and be transparent
  3. be honest about the impact upon yourself, those close and the organisation – remember it’s ok to show your emotions
  4. share and implement the plan to adapt to changing circumstances – “what we will now do”
  5. where possible involve staff in developing and implementing new “work arounds”
  6. acknowledge the impact upon the work place
  7. provide regular, credible and up to date information
  8. role model and expect mutual respect, support, compassion and a “can do attitude”
  9. empathise the collective need to do what is best to ensure all safely emerge from this Pandemic
  10. promote hope and a firm belief that this Pandemic, like previous pandemics will pass.

For further information watch our Director, Marion Wands speak on the subject of leading in a crisis.

These helpful tips are also available as a downloadable PDF fact sheet.


If you have some more tips you would like to share please contact Marion Wands,ConNetica on 07 5491 5456 or email mwands@connetica.com.au

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