Conversations for life (Pharmacy)

Marion Wands (M.Ed) · 10 August 2021

Conversations for life (Pharmacy) provides people with the skills to be READY, WILLING and ABLE to connect and have meaningful conversations with others who are becoming vulnerable or starting to withdraw. This program can be undertaken by anyone. You need no formal qualifications to complete this program. What you do need is compassion and humanity and a willingness to support others who are doing it tough!

The videos, resources and activities support participants to understand why people become vulnerable, what to say and do to ensure conversations are two way and non judgemental and how to develop an action plan that supports the person to “move to a better place”, to avoid a crisis. This evidence informed Australian program is succinct, practical and interactive and useful for everyone.

This elearning program is based on the face to face program, that has been delivered since 2012 to over 4000 people. This program was created by leading mental health, suicide prevention and education experts and people with a lived experience who collectively wanted to shift the dial to very early suicide prevention. Their aim was to equip people with the skills, tools and confidence to have early conversations with vulnerable others.

Initial funding to create this eLearning program was provided by the NSW Government and subsequently awarded to the Australian Pharmacy Guild – NSW Branch in 2020. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) engaged ConNetica Consulting Pty Ltd, a bespoke mental health and suicide prevention enterprise to develop this online program.

ConNetica in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast, Engage Research Lab under the stewardship of Professor Christian Jones developed this online program. Both organisations contributed significant additional resources and continue to refine and update program content and presentation to improve the learning experience. ConNetica has extensive experience in mental health and suicide prevention and the Engage Research Lab is an internationally awarded creator of well being and mental health digital solutions.

Subsequent funding has been provided by the Brisbane South Primary Health Network to the Australian Pharmacy Guild – Qld Branch to undertake ConNetica’s blended eLearning programs.

The program provides participants with:

  • an awareness of the prevalence of mental health and suicide in Australia
  • an understanding of life events and social determinants that contribute to mental illness
  • the skills and knowledge to identify signs and debunk social myths
  • health and well being protective behaviours
  • tailored conversations planning tools
  • problem solving and communication strategies, and
  • list of suitable referrals, support options and resources at local and national levels.

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Marion Wands (M.Ed)

Marion has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education (Human Resource Studies). She creates and delivers engaging and practical learning programs, webinars and presentations.

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