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This is a community wide early suicide prevention program.

Marion Wands (M.Ed) · August 24, 2020

This is a community wide early suicide prevention program. The program provides local community members with the:

  • knowledge, skills and confidence to be Ready, Willing and Able to have conversations with people who are vulnerable, experiencing a personal crisis and or starting to withdraw
  • the skills to work together to implement initiatives that enable their community to thrive, be inclusive and resilient.

The program incorporates ConNetica’s Conversation for life program and where possible, is delivered by locally accredited trainers to ensure that funds stay within and benefit the local community.

For more details contact:

Marion Wands, ConNetica 
Mobile: 0414 726 826 

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Marion Wands (M.Ed)

Marion has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education (Human Resource Studies). She creates and delivers engaging and practical learning programs, webinars and presentations.

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