Working with Community

ConNetica is a strong advocate for placed based solutions that are tailored to the specific context and needs of community members.

We bring to these assignments deep knowledge of contemporary research, however we are firm believers that this is only to inform not direct resulting practice.

Prior to meeting with identified stakeholders we undertake a desk top review of the community’s context and discuss with our client their understanding of the community’s needs and experiences. 

This information guides our data collection questions and engagement process.

Building Local Capacity

ConNetica is committed to sharing our expertise to build local capacity and sustained outcomes. We acknowledge the strengths that exist within communities and provide opportunities for these strengths to be show cased and valued. 

Our ongoing work with Patria Consulting, an outstanding community mental health and well being consulting practice based in Moranbah is testament to this sentiment.


Self Managed Care Plans

Marion Wands was engaged by  COORDINARE to facilitate focus groups with diverse community members who live with complex and health needs..

Through skilful rapport building Marion enabled participants to share their personal stories and their preferences in relation to self care plans. The collated project findings resulted in the identification of effective ways to improve the relevance and compliance of self care plans.


Community Members Experiences of Digital Health

Marion Wands was engaged by COORDINARE to undertake an innovative approach to gather community members’ experiences of digital health care, necessitated by COVID-19. 

 Marion facilitated zoom meetings to outline the research project, strengthen community members’ interviewing skills. Final reports and recommendations for improvement were developed in collaboration with community members.

What our clients are saying about us

Cherie Miller
Patria Consulting – Moranbah

Anne Doyle
Acting Indigenous Mental Health Coordinator

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