Applying Resilience Skills

So how’s our Resilience tracking? Great – is my assessment!!

Interesting times as we adjust to new ways of working and personal surroundings, with full consciousness of the impact of Covid-19 on so many across the globe. It is with great delight and pride that I farewell my Co-Director and dear partner John Mendoza on to his new role as Executive Director, Mental Health and Prison Health Services Central Adelaide Local Health Network. What a great role to provide a platform for John to work with a cross section of people to improve the mental health and well being of South Australians. What a privilege for John to undertake and he has complete support from me our wonderful son, Dan.

So back to our resilience threshold – luckily over the past 10 years I have spent a lot of time researching, designing and delivering our Resilience Under Pressure and Resilience for life programs – so I have a raft of “tips and strategies” that we can put into everyday practice. Added to this knowledge, my Masters that I completed in Adelaide in the early 90s under the skilful guidance of Dr Barry Elsey was on change management and having now moved more than 10 times in 4 states – I am no stranger to change.

Currently, the strategies I am putting in place to adjust to our new life include:

  • validating that it does feel awkward being away from our home in Qld, living in self isolation as result of Covid-19 and missing our son, family and friends
  • “my mind chatter” that continues to say “go with the flow”
  • making the time to reflect upon our ConNetica achievements over the past 13 years
  • celebrating our contribution to mental health and suicide prevention in Australia
  • reaching out to dear and long term friends in Adelaide, from our previous time here in the late 80’s-early 90s
  • keeping regular contact with family and friends in QLD; and
  • regular exercise in the confines of our new home.

In relation to ConNetica:

  • planning the next chapter by focusing on my strengths and passions to shape the next decade of how we continue to “create better futures”
  • willingly sharing my time and expertise with others and helping to raise issues and concerns of others
  • learning new skills and being open to new ideas; and
  • reaching out to those who can support me and with whom I can collaborate to ensure our practical, Australian and evidence informed mental health, suicide prevention and resilience programs are known, available and delivered.

I look forward to continuing to share our applied resilience tips and insights as the next chapter of our careers unfolds. If anyone would like some more information about resilience and change management, please contact me at – all first consultations are my gift to you.

Best wishes, strength and peace

Marion Wands

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