Suicide prevention is the heart of our business & close to our heart

On Saturday 15th November 2014, Jeffery John Mendoza, beloved nephew of ConNetica’s then director, John Mendoza and Marion Wands (current Director) & cousin, mentor and role model to their son, Dan Mendoza, took his life after a long battle with mental illness. 

Jeff’s illness developed following his active service in East Timor in late 1999. Jeff served his nation with pride, but when he needed mental health services to serve him, they were found wanting.

It is difficult to find the words to describe such a tragic loss and the pain felt by his family, friends and colleagues. Jeff will aways remain in our thoughts as a much loved, wonderful, generous and warm spirited man

To better understand and prevent mental illness and suicide in young men, a dedicated Jeff Mendoza fund has been established by the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney. 

Please help us advance novel and more effective responses to mental illness and suicide in young men by donating to this fund. All donations are tax deductible. For more details please contact us at info@connetica.com.au. 

You may also be interested in our free fact sheets and early suicide prevention programs to learn how to initiate and have conversations with people who are vulnerable. The earlier we start these conversations for the better for all involved.

Our Reputation

We are known for our honesty, intregrity and speaking the truth when it comes to identifying service needs, appropriate service frameworks, analysing outcomes, policy decisions and funding allocations.

We have a strong focus on early prevention and a commitment to addressing the social determinants that underpin despair and inequity to facilitate the delivery of sustainable improvements that enhance humanity for all. 

We routinely collaborate with our thought leaders and academic partners to ensure our practice is informed by evidence and our clients have access to the latest research and best practice thinking. 


ConNetica's Projects

  • Completed over 300 local, state, national and international projects  – mental health, suicide prevention, aged care, housing, employment, education, alcohol & other drugs, digital services, self managed care, including:
  • 6 X 3 yr Partners in Recovery Evaluations
  • 6 Regional mental health plans
  • Designed integrated mental health & stepped care frameworks 
  • 3 yr Evaluation –  Family Centred Employment Program
  • mapped 45% of Australia’ s land mass for Mental Health Services
  • Detailed service mapping (12 PHNs & 14 atlases) mental health, AOD, homelessness, chronic care
  • 10 X Hospital Transition Pathways – Mental Health (WA, VIC, QLD)
  • National Review – Australian Defence Force, Veterans & Families Experiences of Suicide and Self Harm – 2752 survey responses, 24 focus groups, 51 key informant interviews, 102 submissions, literature review, service mapping, 6 reports all completed in 5 months – resulted in $350 M funding boost0

Training Programs

  • More than 5000 people have completed our 6 Australian, evidence informed training programs
  • Programs are unique, practical & succinct – include focus on early suicide prevention, social determinants, conversation & problem solving skills
  • Programs are tailorable to meet unique audience needs & context
  • Engaging & practical webinars (leadership, conversations, resilience, burnout, integrated workplace mental health) delivered in partnership with Windsor Group  

Training Highlights


Early suicide prevention eLearning Programs

  • 2 NEW EARLY SUICIDE PREVENTION eLearning programs – Conversations for life and Stronger Smarter Yarns for life tailored for pharmacies will be available Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 respectively
  • NSW  Government has funded the project & The Australian Pharmacy Guild – NSW Branch, has engaged ConNetica to develop the programs
  • ConNetica is working in partnership with  internationally proclaimed digital program developer Professor Christian Jones, Engage Lab, University of the the Sunshine Coast.
  • Filming completed on the Sunshine Coast and pharmacist Julianna Neil, owner of Pharmacy for life features prominently in the filming
  • The programs incorporate blended learning mediums and real time webinars.
  • General Public eLearning programs will be available Dec 2021 

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