Of note was ConNetica's use of both mentoring and empowerment in the process.

Ryan McGlaughlin
Executive Officer - Suicide Prevention Australia
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Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Australia Report

Date: 18-Oct-2010

"Suicide & Suicide Prevention in Australia, Breaking the Silence" was developed by seven mental health groups to create a blueprint for action to prevent suicide.

  • Lifeline Australia,
  • The Inspire Foundation,
  • Ozhelp Foundation,
  • Centre for Mental Health Research ANU,
  • Suicide Prevention Australia,
  • The Salvation Army,
  • Brain and Mind Research Institute.


The report was prepared by ConNetica's team members John Mendoza and Sebastian Rosenberg with the support of Victoria Visser from The Science of Knowing.

Attached is the report for downloading.

A printed copy of the suicide report is available for $70 at our ConNetica shop

Download a summary of the report here:


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