Workplace wellness

Increase productivity and staff retention. Implement ConNetica’s Workplace Wellness Program - integrated, practical and relevant interventions. Tailored to your work context, including diet, exercise and emotional interventions.

Strategic Mental Health Leadership

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mental health services. Utilise ConNetica’s expertise in service frameworks, best practice models, policy, performance metric, legislation, training and social media.

Organisation change management

Achieve desired outcomes. Utilise ConNetica’s systemic change impact assessments and gap analysis tools, stakeholder engagement and communication strategies and cultural change programs.

Program evaluation

Use evidence to quantify outcomes and inform continuous improvement. Utilise ConNetica’s extensive expertise in evaluation strategy and design, diagnostic and analytic tools and report writing.

Business Process Redesign

Eliminate waste, streamline and improve business processes. Implement ConNetica’s methodology in process documentation, analysis and redesign and aligned refinement of policies, systems and resources.

Learning and Development

Increase productivity and improve service. Utilise ConNetica’s expertise in training needs analysis, program design and blended learning mediums including online, workshops, webinars and hard copy resources.
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